MADFORM - Sports Vaseline - þolir vel svita og vatn

MADFORM - Sports Vaseline - þolir vel svita og vatn

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MADFORM Sports Vaseline: Highly resistant to water and sweat

Vaseline has emollient and lubricating properties and it protects the skin.

It is an ideal lubricant for athletes, as it stops skin irritation that may result from rubbing during sport or physical activity.

Available in a box containing 24 single measures of 10ml.

Instructions: Massage the vaseline into the areas most likely to be exposed to rubbing or friction (neck, nipples, armpits, inner thigh, ankles, etc.) before exercise or physical activity.

Uses: Ideal for all those sports in which there may be friction between the clothing and the skin. Especially athletics, cycling, swimming, triathlon, duathlon, trekking, skiing, etc…